Islam and the Algerian constitution

The Algerian constitution is based on Islamic religion. The Art 2 said that [Islam is the religion of the state]. The Art 3 [Arabic is the national and official language]. Art 9 [The institutions are not allowed:
- feudal, regionalist and nepotic practices;
- setting up exploitation relationships and dependence links;
- practices that are contrary to the Islamic ethics and to the values of the November revolution].

Also the Algerian President takes the Oath according to Art 76 in the following terms:
[” In the Name of God the Merciful and the Compassionate. Faithful to the great sacrifices and to the memory of our martyrs as well as to the ideals of the eternal November Revolution. I do solemnly swear by God the almighty that I will respect and glorify the Islamic religion…”.

We can also observe the influence of Islam on Algerian constitution in Art 171 [A High Islamic Council is instituted to the President of the Republic and is trusted, in particular, with :
- Encouraging and promoting”Ijtihad";
- Expressing its views in comparison with religious precepts on matters submitted to it;
- Presenting a periodic report of activity to the President of the Republic].

This is what could I reproducing from reading Algerian constitution, maybe there are others articles on, which have relationship with Islamic religion, if you need a free copy (English or Arabic version) of the Algeria's constitution, feel free to post a comment and I will give you one.

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bedmo said...

Why not!! I visit your blog and I post a comment there.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that the Algerian constitution was based on Islam. Very much so news to me.

I would add that the USA constitution is based on religion too. Christianity to be exact.

Very interesting.

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It's nice to visit other cultures on the net.



bedmo said...

Hi "Joe" or "George",

Thank you for your vist and your comment.

I did visited your blog, I think its a nice laws's blog.


4love said...

i didnt know this...

bedmo said...

Hi 4love,

Now you did..

Andrew said...

I wonder what the Algerian constitution's policies are when it comes to drug abuse? Like do they kill someone on drugs or something?

bedmo said...

Yes, it's prohibited in Algerian law (not in the constitution). But, no kill for this matter, I guess.

Admin said...
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ey said...

The fact that islam is used for our constitution is a BIG problem. Religion should not be mingled with politics and state.

Admin said...

Hi ey,

It's just your opinion...

RBKC said...

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actualites d'algerie said...

Beaucoup de choses que j'ignorais. On en apprend donc tous les jours sur l'Algérie. Merci

Anonymous said...

Obviously it is based upon Islamic dues, Algeria is a muslim country.. What I felt was missing is the explanation of Algeria not following Sharia..
You did not mention that until was it 2005(?) Algerian export/inporters had trouble whit the rest of the world coz the Christian (and most of the western countries) holds Sundays as Holy, and Algeria Fridays, coz that is the Holy day for Muslims..